Can you find the child in time?

Play what people are calling "quite possibly the scariest mobile game" and "finally a game worthy of the Slenderman mythos". Can you find your child!? is it too late? Is he another lost soul and victim of Slenderman? Only you will know when you follow your child's clues to find him.

Based on a true story

April 5th 2010 - Amherstburg - Taken from the Diary found at the scene by the APD

It's been 3 months of searching the woods and surrounding area for my dear son billy and his friends with no traces of their whereabouts. I fear it will be time soon to move on and start the mourning process but something in my gut tells me to never give up, that he's out there.

I had a dream last night of Billy in the woods, strong enough and vivid that I can't just stay at home , it's time for me to continue the search...